Related Links provides access to computers on campus in the suites on the ground floor of SoLA.
Remotelabs enables students to access specialist software not available on their own devices to assist with study and or research. Student access will be facilitated by the lecturer or tutors as appropriate.
This service is secured by Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). For information on MFA go here:
RemoteLabs is a web based remote desktop protocol (RDP) service hosted on an open source solution Guacamole built on Apache web services. For further information the user guide is available here:
Remotelabs basic use guide:
  1. Confirm through your lecturer or tutor that you have been added to the service.
  2. Confirm you can access Office 365 resources:
  3. From your browser go here:
  4. Set your browser view to full screen (Function key F11).
  5. Logon using your Lincoln username (not your
  6. From the All Connections expand the appropriate Desktop pool. (Refer table).
  7. From the list of desktop objects (not in use) select one and connect.
  8. When you have completed your task don’t forget to sign off properly by clicking the person icon in the Start menu and then select Sign off from the pop-up menu.
Note: Please note this is a shared resource.
Please don’t just disconnect as this will leave the workstation appearing to still be in use.
ITS reserves the right to disconnect connections: Over-use, idle, fault. SAVE YOUR WORK!
It is important that you save your work to OneDrive and not your H:\ so you can access remotely.
Also please refrain from using this service to view online video intensive entertainment or social content; youtube, learn, facebook etc
For further information on using Guacamole
Students currently registered for the following subjects will automatically have access:
LASC211 & LASC215
ENGN201 & ENGN604
ERST202 & ERST606
Desktop Pool Software
D1 & D2 ArcGIS Pro, Farmax Dairy Pro, Microsoft Visio + General Use
D3 ArcGIS Pro, + General Use
D4 $ D5 ArcGIS Pro, Adobe CS6, AutoCad, + General Use