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Terminal Server

This is a remote access option for staff.
Have you ever wanted to work on a Word document that’s on your Lincoln University U: S: or H: drive whilst in a motel room? Or perhaps use PeopleSoft on a Macintosh computer on campus?

NOTE:  You must install and use the Lincoln VPN before you can use the Lincoln Terminal Server.  Instruction on how to download and install this can be found here.

Steps required Screen shots


Windows 10:     Click the search box next to the Start Menu button, and type 'Remote'  


Windows 8:      Swipe in from the right of the screen, or press 'Windows key + C', to make the Charms Menu appear.  Click 'Search'   and type 'Remote'



Windows 7:     Click on the 'Windows button'.  Type 'Remote' in the 'Search programs and files' box (this will auto-complete as you type, so you usually only have to type a few letters to get the right application)










Select 'Remote Desktop Connection' from the list




In the 'Computer' field,

Lincoln staff
type ''


To remote your desktop ( this must be setup by IT)
type "MB****"


Click 'Show Options' 



After you have clicked 'Show Options'


Click the 'Local Resources' tab


Tick 'Printers' and 'Clipboard


Click the 'More' button









In the next box, do the following: 

Click the  '+'  next to 'Drives' to expand it out 

Tick  'C drive'

and any other drives if you wish


Click 'OK'


Do this step only if you have more than one monitor on your home computer.


Click the 'Display' tab


Tick  'Use all my monitors for the remote session'


Click 'Connect'


Enter your Lincoln University username and password. Type LU\ in front of your username 

The virtual computer you're connected to is on the Lincoln Network and has access to your H: (Home directory) and S: (Share directory).

NOTE: this isn't the desktop of your LU computer, but a generic one that has most things on it for most people. If you need specialist software please talk to the IT Service Desk about how you can access that remotely.


To close your session:

At the top of your screen you will see or MB**** , to the right of that there will be a  "-"  symbol this minimizes the window (do this if you want to keep remote session going but want to get back to your local desktop) and puts it in the system tray, and there is also a "x" which will close your session.


Click on the windows icon (bottom left-hand side) and click on the power icon  and select disconnect.



Click on the  and click on Sign Out



Skype for Business

You are not able to use SfB on terminal server or when you remote on to a Lincoln device.
If you want to use SfB you will need to install/use the application on to your local device. 
If you need to install it on personal devices more information can be found here.


More about Terminal Server

What is it?
Simply put, Terminal Server allows multiple people to simultaneously login to the server and run different applications all in a familiar Windows desktop environment. A small client program on your computer PC, Mac or even Linux workstation displays a Lincoln desktop on your PC, complete with the familiar login box. Once logged in, applications like Word, for example, appear to be running on your computer in a window, but are actually running on the Terminal Server at Lincoln. Because you only need to send the keystrokes and screen updates, rather than large programs and data, it works very well over the internet.

What can I do with it?
The Terminal Server desktop is pretty much like the one you see in your office. It doesn’t have all the applications – they don’t all run under Terminal Server, and we aren’t aiming to provide a replacement for the Lincoln desktop, just remote access to major applications such as: Microsoft Office, OWA, PeopleSoft, and Sun Financials. You can use Explorer to transfer files between your PC and your network drives and if you have a supported printer you can even print to your local printer from the application running on the Terminal Server.

How can I get access?
You must be a staff member. Access is not available to undergraduates or postgraduates because of licensing restrictions. You need to contact the IT Service Desk who will grant your user code rights to login to the Terminal Server and the ability to authenticate across the Lincoln firewall over the Internet.

I’ve read the documentation, but I’ve still got a problem, can you help?
Please report problems to the IT Service Desk in the first instance.

Can I get you to add another application?
Unless there is a compelling business reason, we will not be adding applications to the server until we have assessed demand and looked at the support implications. However we appreciate receiving your feedback on the service, and what you would like to use it for in the future.