IT for visitors

Welcome to Lincoln University. Visitors to our Lincoln campus are welcome to use the following resources:

There are computers available on campus that don't require a login to use, they have a restricted set of applications installed but can be used to access the internet, create documents, etc. Kiosks can be found in the following locations:

  • Library - Lounge and Main Foyer
  • Stewart Building - Foyer
  • LUSA
  • Forbes Building - Student Admin

Please note that USB devices are disabled by design - to transfer files use a internet based file storage service or email system.

There is free wireless access across campus is called "OpenCampus"
You will need a mobile phone to Authenticate.
Once you have authenticated you have access for the calendar year before you need to authenticate again.  See more information here.

If you need to print documents these can be taken on a USB device to the Canon Print and Mail room at the end of the Hudson building opposite Mrs. O's, who can print these for you. They accept cash, EFTPOS, or Visa. Unfortunately, without a valid network login or ID card (i.e. a guest) you are unable to utilise our campus printing environment.

Visitors to campus that wish to do large amounts or adhoc photocopying can obtain a visitor card from the Library's Service Desk which will allow photocopying using any swipe card enabled printer/copier on campus. These cards can be preloaded with funds at the Library who accept EFTPOS or, for other methods of payment, the bookshop on the ground floor of the Forbes building. One off photocopying jobs can also be done at the bookshop. 

Lecture Theatres
Facilities exist in all lecture theatres that allow guests to present using their own laptops.  All lecture theatres have computers able to be used by guests (instructions provided in theatre) and lecture recording facilities. Should a guest wish to record their lecture then their Lincoln sponsor will need to arrange this for them.

If you have any questions about these services please contact us on