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QR Code guide



Make sure your mobile phone or tablet has a QR code scanning capability: most campus buildings will have a QR code posted at the entrance that you must scan before you enter. This process will allow us to manage the government-mandated contract tracing measures that we must implement.​



  1. Scan a QR Code to check into each space you enter.
  2. The Health and Safety window should then appear – click on Confirm.
  3. Select the applicable visitor type
    The first time you scan a QR code you will be prompted to key in your personal details – name, contact number and email address. Staff and students must use their LU email address. 
    Select Check in.
  4. Do not forget to Check out when you leave the building.


For a more information click here.

Note: most recent mobile phones recognise a QR code automatically via the camera.
If you have an older phone you may need to install a QR code scanning app.