Update HUB Profile

How to update your HUB profile


- Open Firefox or Chrome (Internet Explorer not supported)
- Go to http://hub.lincoln.ac.nz
Help (last tab at the top next to Staff Directory)
I Want to Update a Staff Profile
- Select your name from the drop down at the top of the page
- Most of the fields will populate. Make your changes where needed
- For photo updates, follow the requirements in the Photo section and follow the steps below.

• Click the blank space in the Photo field
• Insert (last tab, top of the page)
• Click the Picture dropdown
• From Computer
• Choose File
• Open
• OK
• Save (right at the bottom of the page)

- An email will be sent to approvers and should be updated in 24 hours


If you need assistance or any additional details, please contact the Service Desk either by going to the Self Service Portal at lu.ac.nz/ithelp or phone +64 3 423 0100.