Update HUB Profile

How to update your HUB profile


- Open Firefox or Chrome (Internet Explorer not supported)
- Go to http://hub.lincoln.ac.nz
Help (last tab at the top next to Staff Directory)
I Want to Update a Staff Profile
- Select your name from the drop down at the top of the page
- Most of the fields will populate. Make your changes where needed
- For photo updates, follow the requirements in the Photo section and follow the steps below.

• Click the blank space in the Photo field
• Insert (last tab, top of the page)
• Click the Picture dropdown
• From Computer
• Choose File
• Open
• OK
• Save (right at the bottom of the page)

- An email will be sent to approvers and should be updated in 24 hours


If you need assistance or any additional details, please contact the Service Desk either by email ithelp@lincoln.ac.nz or phone +64 3 423 0100.