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Working Off-Campus

How to work remotely.

Follow the steps and links below to get connected. 

Step 1

Connect to your home Wi-fi network or internet hotspot. 

Step 2

Personal Devices only:
Connect to Pulse VPN  
If you don't have the Pulse VPN installed you will need to download Pulse VPN from the Software Downloads page..
Make sure you unzip the downloaded file.
Once installed, add a connection
Click on the + button to add a new connection

Type in the following:
Name: Lincoln VPN
Server URL:
Click on Connect

If Pulse VPN fails to connect, make sure your computer software is updated and firewall on. For more information about Software Updates Instructions here.
For more detailed instructions about installing Pulse Secure VPN go here
If you are having problems connecting to Pulse Secure VPN go here.



Lincoln University Laptops only:
Connect to AlwaysOn VPN
If you are having problems connecting to AlwaysOn go here.


Step 3

Mapping Network Drives
If you are using a LU device check your network drives have been mapped, if they are not double click on the  "Map LU Drives" icon on the desktop.
On a personal device you need to map the drives manually - Instructions here


After following the above 3 steps, you will be able to access your Lincoln network drives, FollowMe printing,, Panopto and other Lincoln resources.

VPN access is not needed to access your Lincoln Email via or Outlook, Skype for Business and some web pages such as:


Remote Desktop Connection

If you are set up with access to a Lincoln device or Terminals Server, you will be able to connect to or your MBxxxx number after connecting to Pulse VPN.
Remote desktop access needs to be set up in advanced and approved by ITS management.  Once you have been setup by IT follow the above three steps and then go here for more information.


Other software you can install on Personal Devices


Skype for Business


If you have issues with any of the above please log a request in the IT Portal  include any error messages you get / what point you get to when the issue arises / your contact details.   
Remember to do a test run in advance to make sure you can access everything you need off-campus before you need to work of campus.