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Zoom at Lincoln University


Zoom is one of the platforms available to staff at Lincoln University which enables the remote delivery of live lectures.
Lincoln has a limited number of Zoom Pro licenses available to those teaching staff who prefer Zoom over Microsoft’s Teams or Skype for Business which are alternative platforms to enable remote delivery.

If you require a Pro license for Zoom within the Lincoln tenancy please request this via the IT Portal.

Zoom is not available for administrative or management activities at Lincoln and for these you are invited to utilise Microsoft’s Skype for Business or Teams. For more information on Skype for Business go here and for Teams go here.

Lincoln’s Zoom tenancy has an interface with Panopto to facilitate the seamless recording of lectures. If you would like to find out more about lecture recording please go to Panopto on the LTL site.

A few reminders and tips for using Zoom.

  1. For security, add a password to your Zoom meeting ID.
  2. Exit Skype for Business before you hold your Zoom meeting.
  3. Install the Zoom app for quick and easy access to your Zoom meeting.
  4. Remember to log into Zoom (via the app, or before joining your meeting. That way Zoom will know you are the host.
  5. Use cloud recording, and integrate this with Panopto.
  6. Check out the Zoom resources,
  7. For more information on how to secure your meeting click here.

Download Zoom Security Tip Sheet.