Mac Users

We have a range of services and software available for you including FollowMe Printing, access to your network drives and more. 
Have a look at the following help articles if you are new to Mac or would like to know more about it.
Software Downloads and Links
 Lincoln Mac Documentation.
Mac to the Rescue.
  • Time Machine Backup and recovery. Setting up automatic backups, recover files and restore OS X.
  • Malwarebytes for Mac. Free Malwarebytes scanning tool. Manual update and scan.
  • OS X Recovery. Reinstall OS X if all else fails. Come see us at the IT Service Desk before attempting this. We might be able to get your Mac sorted before you use OS X Recovery. Make sure EVERYTHING is backed up.


Mac Support
  • Internet Browsers. Your Mac comes with Safari. It is very useful to have a second browser installed, like Firefox or Chrome if a website no longer responds. It is usually a matter of clearing your browsing history.
  • LUHALLSNET Login page. Remember not to supply your Wi-Fi username and pin / password to anyone as you can only join 5 devices in total and remembers previous devices joined to your account. Your data will also be used.
  • OneDrive. As a registered student or staff member, you have access to 1TB of cloud storage.
  • Endnote. Make a booking at the Library Welcome Desk for Endnote library and referencing assistance. See the IT Service Desk if you are unable to install the software.
  • Selfservice. Reset your Lincoln password and set up your secret questions. Might take a minute or two to sync with system
  • Email access Direct access to student email, bypassing LEARN.
  • Wi-Fi. OpenCampus for visitors. SecureCampus and EduROAM for registered students and staff.
  • Uninstall Apps. There are three different ways to uninstall apps on your Mac depending on the app.