Software Updates


Why Should I Install Updates?

Software updates perform a range of tasks. They are available for both operating system and individual software programs. Performing these updates will deliver a multitude of revisions to your computer, such as adding new features, removing outdated features, updating drivers, delivering bug fixes, and most importantly, fixing security holes that have been discovered.

The Dangers Of Software Vulnerabilities

A software vulnerability is usually a security hole or weakness found in an operating system or software program. Hackers exploit this weakness by writing code to target a specific vulnerability, which is packaged into malware. These exploits can infect your computer with no action on your part other than viewing a website, opening a compromised message, or playing infected media.
Once it infects your computer, this malware can then steal data, allow the attacker to gain control over your computer, and even use software in a way that it was not originally intended.
So even though these software updates seem like a hassle, think of it as a preventative measure for your internet safety. Next time that message comes up to update, resist procrastination and go ahead with the update.

How to update the Operating System (OS) on your computer.

Videos with instructions on how to update your computer. Windows Updates and Apple App Store Updates

How to check if the Firewall is enabled (personal devices).

Windows - Click Start, type Firewall and open Windows Firewall. Turn Windows Firewall on or off (on the left)
Mac - Apple Menu, System Preferences, Security & Privacy, Firewall, Click the padlock icon (bottom of window), enter Mac Admin password, Turn on Firewall

How to check the version of Pulse Secure (VPN) (personal devices).

Windows - Click Start, type Pulse, open Pulse Secure, Help, About, version number bottom left. It should be V5.3 minimum.
Mac - Click Pulse Secure icon on Menu Bar at the top, Open Pulse Secure, Pulse Secure (top left next to Apple Menu), About Pulse Secure. It should be V5.3 minimum.

How to update the Anti-Virus software on your computer (personal devices).

There are lots of AV products on the market and they all differ from each other. You need to check your Anti-Virus product's website, support or Google it if you are unsure.