IT for new students

This page outlines information for students who are new to campus. It will be most useful to you in your first few days.

Postgrads if you have not been to see your Faculty Postgraduate Administrator, please do so as they will be the most useful to you in your first few days. The administrator will assess your needs and provide you with appropriate resources, for example printing, and space, access to the Hub.

Undergraduates first things first, you need to make sure you've been to the Library and got your ID Card with your photo on it.


Logging on to Lincoln University computers

Hold down at the same time the CTRL ALT and DEL keys on the key board.
Enter your username and password. Your username is shown on your ID Card.


Checking your email

Student mailbox addresses are in the form:

Please note that the number is present only if required to differentiate a mailbox from other pre-existing mailboxes.

Initially your Lincoln email can be accessed by clicking the Student Email link in LEARN .

For more information about your email, see the student email page.


Accessing the internet

To get on the web, use Internet Explorer. When you browse off-campus you may be prompted for your username and password. Web policies are available online. Internet access is tracked.  By accessing the internet from Lincoln University resources you agree to abide by these policies.


Wireless access to the internet

Free Internet access is available via the SecureCampus or OpenCampus Wireless system provided across campus. See for more details. The main areas of coverage are pictured on the map below.


Internet in the Halls of Residence

LUHallsNet is a wireless network designed to provide a cost-effective service to suit the majority of residents.  For more information see


Computer suites

Found in the Library & the Landscape Architecture Building (after-hours access to D3 – closed 12am - 6am).

Desktop network information iconThe number of computers available in any computer suite can be found on the SuiteSpot system, accessible by clicking the Network Information icon (Image at left) on any computer desktop and selecting SuiteSpot or on SuiteSpot displays around campus.





Adding print balance: Undergraduates can top-up their print credit at the library Service Point, at The Linc (Bookshop), or via the money loading kiosks located in the Landscape Architecture building and the Library.

Wireless Printing: This service is available on campus, see below.


Personal devices

Wireless Printing is available on personal devices.

ITS staff will be available in the Library on the ground floor to assist with personal devices. This service is primarily concerned with allowing students to connect to Lincoln University resources. Other issues may be raised but some limitations will apply.


Changing your password

To change your password, go to

You will be asked to enter your current password and a new password (which you enter twice). This should be something only you know and be between 6-14 characters. The characters must be a combination of letters and numbers. Use this new password when you log on next.