Microsoft OneDrive


What is OneDrive? (previously 'SkyDrive')

OneDrive is a place somewhere in the “cloud” as some would say. Essentially, a place where you can store your files without having to worry about it and Microsoft is taking care of the storage for you.

It is your personal web space with your Office365 account via the OneDrive link. Here you can create and edit office documents with the Office Web Apps (Word, Excel, etc), upload your own documents, and share content with other students.

OneDrive is a self-help service provided with your Office365 account.


Setting up Onedrive for the first time.

  1. Go to your Office365 email and sign in using your email address and password.
  2. Click on “Onedrive” in the top right hand corner (This may take some time since this is the first time you have used it:

 Once everything has loaded, your Onedrive is ready to use. 

Using Onedrive with Office 2013 / Office 365 (On Campus)

Using Microsoft office you can open files from your Onedrive and save them there also. On campus this is already set up if you have used Skydrive before.

If you are new to Onedrive:

You can save documents from a campus computer to your Onedrive

If you have Lincoln University Listed as an Option when you select Open or Save As then you only need to select Lincoln University and click on Browse.

If Lincoln University is not listed you need to select + Add a Place and then choose Office 365 Sharepoint from the list.

Put your email address and click Next.

You should then be prompted for your lincolnuni email password.

After the setup you should see Lincoln University as an Option on both Open, Save and Save As. You need to then select Lincoln University and click on Browse to select the location you want to save too in OneDrive.


If you used the Old Skydrive:

1. To open a document from your Onedrive account In Microsoft Word, click on “File” then “Open”. Select “Lincoln University” then “Browse”:

 2. You can save documents to your Onedrive in the same way by pressing “Save As” as opposed to “Open”


Using Onedrive with Office 2013/Office 365 on a personal computer

1. This will work the same way as on campus however it must be set up first. Once you have Office 365 or Office 2013 installed, open up Microsoft Word and click “Sign in” In the top right corner:


2. Follow the prompts and sign in using your lincolnuni email address and password.

3. Once signed in, It will automatically add your Onedrive account to Office and you can now use it the same way as it is on campus.


Uploading Files to Onedrive

1. To upload files simply click the "+Add document" button under the "Personal Documents" heading:

2. Click on "Browse":

3. Select the file you wish to upload and then click "Open":

4. Now click "OK":

Your Document will now be available to view online or download on any other computer.


5. To upload many files at once, click on your “Personal Documents” link

6. Then at the top of the page, under “Library Tools” click “Documents”:

7. Then click on “Upload Document” and then “Upload Multiple Documents”:

8. Then simply drag and drop from your computer to the area specified and click "OK".


Downloading Files from Onedrive

1. To download a file, click on the file you wish to download, it will open in the appropriate program, for example: Microsoft Word.

2. Then simply save the file as you normally would, for example in Microsoft Word, click “File” then click “Save As” and then click “Download”:


Deleting Files from Onedrive

1. Check the boxes next to the files or folders you wish to delete.

2. Then click "Delete Document":


Editing Documents

You can either download the document and then edit it on your computer (See “Downloading Files” above) or you can edit the document online:

1.       Select the file you wish to edit:


2. Then click on "Edit Document" at the top of the page:

3.  Follow the prompts: Use your Lincoln University email address and password, and if it asks which account, select “Organizational account”:


Other Information


Please note your license to continue using Microsoft Office365, OneDrive for Business, and Skype for Business rely on your enrolment status remaining current. When you graduate or discontinue study at Lincoln there are changes to your use of these services.
As a Lincoln student you will no longer have access to OneDrive for Business, locally installed Microsoft Office365 and the online version of Microsoft Office365, from one month after you cease to be registered, therefore you will need to copy/move your documents before this happens.  Any files not removed will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

From 2015 your email account is also affected by your enrolment status, your email remains active for only 12 months after you cease to be registered. An email will be sent, to your LincolnUni address, prior to the deletion of this mailbox along with all mailbox contents.


Need help?

Check out the help pages for Office365 

Also see Office365 and FAQs for Office365


Want more information?

Contact: IT Service Desk
Phone: +64 3 423 0100