FAQs for Office 365



How much space do I get with Office 365?

  • 100GB - mailbox
  • 1TB - OneDrive Pro


Which web browsers are compatible with Office 365?

Office 365 is designed work on these browsers.


Connecting Office 365 to my phone or an email program

ITS recommend you use Office 365 via portal.office.com

If you want to try connecting your lincolnuni email to your phone/email program, students please refer to email program setup info, or outlook.com email setup, staff refer to mobile device email configuration.


How to forward my email to another account

You Lincoln email can be forwarded to another email account by following these steps:

  • Login to portal.office.com
  • Select the cog (gear icon) on the top right Menu Bar
  • Choose 'Options', then choose 'account' on the left
  • Click the 'See email from all your accounts in one place' link on the right 
  • Scroll down to 'forwarding' and enter the email address you want your emails forwarded to. Make sure the 'Keep a copy of forwarded messages in Outlook Web App' is selected
  • Click the 'Start forwarding' button


Getting the latest version of Office 365 for FREE

As a Lincoln student, you are able to download, install and use Office 365 on your personal device (Windows or Mac Operating System) while you are enrolled, for free.

  • Login to your Office 365 emails at portal.office.com using your Student email address and network password.
  • Click on the Office 365 link in the top left-hand corner, you should then see an "Install now" button. 


What version of Office can I install on a Mac?

  • If you have OS X 10.10 or later you can install Office 2016 for Mac.
  • If you have a version earlier than 10.10, you will only be able to install Office 2011 for Mac.
  • If you want to install Office 2016 for Mac, you will need to update your version of OS X.


    What is OneDrive?

    A storage space in the "cloud" where you can store your Microsoft Office documents. OneDrive comes with your Office365 account.



    Please note your license to continue using Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive for Business, and Skype for Business rely on your enrolment status remaining current. When you graduate or discontinue study at Lincoln there are changes to your use of these services.
    As a Lincoln student you will no longer have access to OneDrive for Business, locally installed Microsoft Office 365 and the online version of Microsoft Office 365, from one month after you cease to be registered, therefore you will need to copy/move your documents before this happens.  Any files not removed will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

    From 2015 your email account is also affected by your enrolment status, your email remains active for only 12 months after you cease to be registered. An email will be sent, to your LincolnUni address, prior to the deletion of this mailbox along with all mailbox contents.

    Storing sensitive data

    The Office365 system is hosted off-campus at a Microsoft Data Centre, outside the control of Lincoln University.  As such, the system is subject to the laws and regulations of foreign jurisdictions, and in theory, data in the system could be subpoenaed. To mitigate the risk, critically sensitive information could be encrypted before being sent, or kept away from the system.


    Need help? 

    See the help pages for Office 365 

    Also Office 365 and OneDrive 

    Want more information?

    Contact: IT Service Desk
    Self Service Portal: lu.ac.nz/ithelp
    Phone: +64 3 423 0100