IT Service Charges


Free Service: An open unencrypted FREE wireless service available across all occupied buildings as well as the majority of open areas across the Selwyn campus which is available for guests and visitors. This requires regular re-authentication via an active cellular service. Additionally there are a number of public Internet KIOSKs located across campus.  


Basic Service: IT bundled service includes; secure encrypted wireless service, prepay FollowMe guest print/copy/scan service (cost per page rates), IT Service Desk support (reasonable use limit applies), access card (additional cost if required).  


Premium Service: Basic Service includes share file access PLUS; Office365 account including hosted email with access to over three hundred public devices across the Selwyn campus. For services in addition to those listed above, for example; private local network, remote access to services, post-paid Print/Copy/Scan please contact IT via the IT Service Portal