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Project Office

Project Sponsors

No ITS project may begin without someone who has committed themselves to undertaking the role of Project Sponsor for the duration of the project.

The Project Sponsor must be someone who strongly supports the objectives of the project:

  • They are convinced in their own mind that the project is vital to the mission of the University, and is strategically aligned to the university's published goals and objectives.
  • They are willing and able to contribute the time and effort necessary to fulfil the Project Sponsor role as outlined in the Role of a Project Sponsor document below.
  • The person or persons who, on completion of the project, will hold ongoing operational accountability for the project's product and/or service deliverables, should be amongst those considered for the role of Project Sponsor.

Role of a Project Sponsor (PDF 32 KB)

Project Managers

The Project Manager is the individual responsible for delivering the project.  The Project Manager leads and manages the project team, with the authority and responsibility to run the project on a day-to-day basis. The Sponsor and Project Governance board (if applicable) acknowledge the authority of the Project Manager to run the project, and fully support his or her efforts towards fulfilling the defined project deliverables, according to the defined schedule, cost and other project parameters.  They work with the Project Manager to manage any high level risks to the project which may crop up from time to time, and to manage any variations to scope and deliverables part way through a project, through the formal project variation management process, as business needs change.

The Project Manager should be appropriately trained in project management techniques and processes. It is essential that the skills and experience of the Project Manager are matched to the requirements of the project.

For a detailed description of responsibilities, see the Role of a Project Manager document below.

Role of a Project Manager (PDF 47 KB)