Video conference service

Video conference service

Video Conference are great they can be used to save on time and travel costs. There are three Video Conference units on campus that can address a number of requirements including remote meetings, job interviews, thesis orals and distance education.

  • The Tandberg is portable within Forbes but usually resides within F3A.
  • The Polycom is portable within Forbes but usually resides within F1A.
  • The VC240 is kept in the Library, but is a very portable video conference unit which can be used any where on campus with a live network port.

Talk to your Faculty Video conference co-ordinator about your Video conference needs. They will tell you what is involved in making arrangements with your remote participants for a successful Video conference session.

The following documents for users of the Video conference Service should be read in conjunction with each other.

Describes how to use the Video conference Equipment, how to call remote sites, how to start a session, how to end a session, Troubleshooting.

Please note that our video conference system connects via the Internet and no longer supports ISDN.

A form on which the Faculty video conference co-ordinator records all the details necessary for a successful Video conference session. The form also contains details on the network, equipment type, etc

Note that there is also an alternate Video conference Service called Access Grid, which connects to other Access Grid nodes set up at a limited number of sites. For more information click here.