How to access the video conference service

Talk to your Faculty Video conference co-ordinator about your video conference needs.
They will tell you what is involved in making arrangements with your remote participants for a successful Video conference session. They will then fill in the Video conference Service Checklist form, and contact Service Desk to book the room and equipment. This step should be completed at least 5 working days before the scheduled video conference session.

If you are a new or infrequent user of the Service, your Video conference session will be facilitated by your Faculty Video conference co-ordinator. If you are a regular user of the service, the video conference co-ordinator will train you so that you can facilitate your own video conference sessions.

Unless the facilitator has facilitated a Video conference to the same participants previously, a test connection, several days ahead of the scheduled Video conference session, is strongly recommended. This will confirm connectivity to the remote sites and allow an opportunity to resolve any problems.

At least 15 minutes before the video conference scheduled test, or session, start time, the facilitator must deliver a copy of the Checklist form to the Service Desk.  The Lincoln University Video Conference User Guide, and a copy of the Checklist, should be taken to the session with you, as you may need to refer to them.

After the session, advise the Service Desk of any issues you had with accessing or using the Video conference Service.