Video conference service on campus

The video conference Service addresses a number of requirements including remote meetings, job interviews, thesis orals and distance education. It can be used to save on time and travel costs. New opportunities which leverage cheap and easy remote collaboration become feasible.

The equipment consists of a screen plus a set-top integrated video conferencing system including camera, microphone, remote control, and cable connections.

The video conference system connects to other video conferencing systems via the internet using a system sometimes referred to as H323. It can be used in two different modes:

One To one
Direct communication between two video conference units or end-points. You either call them, or they call you. To call another video conference unit you need to know their IP address likewise for them to call you, give the IP address of the unit you will be using;

Room Model IP address Contact for booking
Room F3A TANDBERG 880MXP Nicky Masters or Sue Elder
Room F1A Polycom HDX Nicky Masters or Sue Elder
Portable - Library Samsung VC240


Allows multiple parties to conference together. Our video conferencing unit  contains a built-in bridge. This bridge can handle a total of four connected sessions - that's three external parties and the unit itself.

The KAREN NZ Advanced network also runs a video conferencing bridge which our system can connect into. This allows for meetings with up to 12 participants or end-points . More details can be found on the Karen website. 

The service is available to all Lincoln University staff and postgraduate students.