AV Equipment

Equipment available for loan


All AV equipment is available for short term loans, if required for longer than a month then charges my apply and a charge code will be required.


Staff Laptops


There are up to 4 staff laptops available for loan. 2 are set up as Stats laptops so the below software is locally installed and does not require the VPN to run when off campus:

  • Genstat
  • SPSS
  • Minitab

AV Laptops


There are up to 3 AV laptops available for loan. These laptops are set up for giving presentations and they auto login with a generic user account.

Projectors and Screens


There are up to 6 projectors and 4 projector screens available for loan. All projectors use a VGA connector so please ensure your device has that connection available or an adapter will be required.



There are up to 5 iPads available for loan.



There is 1 Surface Pro 3 and 10 Surface Go's available for loan. These are set up as Staff images so you will need to log into these at the Service Desk before you take them away.


Video Camera


There is 1 Sony video camera and 2 tripods available for loan



There are up to 2 portable loudhailers available, they each come with a wireless microphone and a connection to a computer to turn them into a speaker.

Audio Conference Phones


There is 1 Polycom CX3000 audio conference phone available for loan



There are 2 Mi-Fi (mobile Wi-Fi) units available for loan, they use mobile data to create a local WiFi network for up to 11 devices to connect to.


Note: We will require a charge code when you loan out the Mi-Fi. This is because overseas data is charged at $5 per day and is taken from the Lincoln University shared data pool. If an excessive amount of data is used then it will cost $14 per gigabyte. Usually using over 4GB is considered excessive use but it is also determined by the length of time away as well.



Miscellaneous Items


We have the following items available for short term loans

  • Webcams
  • USB CD/DVD portable drives
  • USB Floppy drives
  • HDMI/Display Port/VGA/DVI cables
  • Various display adapters

For any other items that are not listed, you can log enquiry from the IT Service portal http://lu.ac.nz/ithelp  to see if we have it available.