FollowMe printing

The printing system used on campus is FollowMe printing. There is also a new facility called PrintMe available for users wanting to print from their own devices (tablets, phones, etc.), using email.

FollowMe print queues allow staff and students to print securely to any printer on campus which supports followme printing. That is all printers have card readers which read your identity from your Lincoln University ID card and automatically print documents associated to you. All the printers in ITS managed computer suites, in the Library and most departmental printers are installed with these units

How to use FollowMe

It’s easy, but you must carry your ID Card with you.

  • Select the followme print queue when printing and swipe your card.
  • If you are a staff member, any jobs that you have sent to the FollowMe queues will print.
  • If you are a student, you will have the opportunity to select the documents you want to print at the printers. You can find the easy to follow instructions here.
  • This provides another way to securely print documents as they will not print until you have swiped your card.

There are two followme queues, a colour one (FollowMeCOL) and a black and white one (FollowMeBW):

  • FollowMeBW
    If you print to this queue you can swipe your card at any printer on campus and the document will print in black and white.
  • FollowMeCOL
    If you print to this queue you can swipe your card at any printer on campus and the document will print in colour.

All printers print colour and black and white, depending on which print queue you choose.

You can view what jobs you have waiting by double-clicking the green UniFlow icon in the system tray and you get a web page, then click the "RQM Jobs" which will let you view or delete your own print jobs.

Where can FollowMe printers be found?

FollowMe printers are throughout campus and in each computer lab, the Library and one on most floors of the Faculty Buildings. 

The benefits of FollowMe printing for you are:

  • Mobility & flexibility – you can print to ANY FollowMe printer across campus.
  • Reduction in erroneous print jobs – which printer did I send that to?
  • Print jobs being removed by others – ever lost a print job?
  • Security of the output – your ID card is required to release your print job (remember your ID card).
  • Cost and environmental benefits – seen the boxes of unclaimed print jobs?

Please note all FollowMe printers are capable of duplex printing (they can print on both sides of the page) and this not only saves you money but is also environmentally friendly. 

How to install the FollowMe print queue

Both FollowMeBW and FollowMeCOL print queues should be installed when you log on to a PC. However, if you find it that they have not been installed you can install them by clicking on Start | Run | and type \\\FollowMeBW and \\\FollowMeCOL .

If you are prompted for a user name and password, you will need to put: LU\username and your network password.

You are also able to install the print queue on any laptop with a Windows operating system, by following the steps above. It is recommended that all Apple devices and other portable devices use PrintMe to email the print job. 

For any assistance please contact or go to the Service Point in the Library.


How to install the FollowMe print queues on a Mac

You need to download the printer drivers from Software Downloads before you can do the steps below.


FollowMeBW – CNR227X1.PPD.gz
FollowMeCol – CNRC317X1.PPD

Steps: Go to the Apple Menu

- System Preferences
- Printers & Scanners
- +
- Press the Control key (on keyboard) while clicking on the Default button
- Customize Toolbar
- Drag Advanced to the Add menu (next to Default / Fax / IP / Windows)
- Done
- Advanced
- Type: Windows printer via spoolss
- URL: smb://
- Name: FollowMeBW
- Use: Pick the driver from the Software Download page
- Add

Repeat step 2 to install FollowMeCol (The URL for Col is smb://

With your first print, you will be asked for your credentials. Type LU\username and your Lincoln password. After that, you can go to the printer and swipe your card to release the print job.

If you see a cross (x) next to one of the printers and the job does not release, you need to enter your Lincoln credentials again. Open Keychain Access, look for any FollowMe entries and delete. After that you will get prompted for your LU username and password again.


For detailed instructions, click here.