PrintMe: Printing via email

As part of the recent upgrade to Uniflow, users (both staff and students) with an existing account within uniFLOW now have the ability to print via their Lincoln University email. This means you can email your document or pdf (as an attachment) to The print job will go into the secure queue ready for release at any of the FollowMe devices (printers) on campus, and can be released by swiping your ID card.

For now this facility is restricted to double-sided (duplex), black and white printing for documents and pdfs.

How to use PrintMe

In order to have a job ‘printed’ from a BYO device, the owner of the device requires a valid email address within their uniFLOW user account. They can then email the job to be printed to a specific email address (e.g. using their or email address. The document can be in PDF format (.pdf) or WORD format (.doc, .docx). All attachments will be converted to black and white and duplex (long edge).

After the email has been processed the user will be notified of the cost of the print job and their current balance via email. If they have insufficient balance they will be notified and the print job will be deleted. Users will also receive an email notification if any one of their invalid files cannot be printed and/or converted.

The user can then walk up to a MFD (multi-functional device/printer), and present their card to the reader attached to the side of the device. Presenting the card will unlock the device and providing they have sufficient balance release the print job.

Users without a valid email account

Users who do not have a valid email address within their uniFLOW user account will be notified by email that they are unable to print and the print job will be deleted.

We are still fine-tuning the wording of the emails but you are most welcome to give it a twirl. Colour option may follow depending on demand, along with the ability to setup alternative "send from" email addresses like Gmail and Hotmail.

Please note: You must send an email from your or address – all other email addresses will be ignored. This means when using a portable device; phones, tablets, iPads, etc. which have their own email client, the DEFAULT email address must be one of ours.


PrintMe Options (Colour and more)

All staff & students can access FollowMe print services via email.

Easy as, simply send an email from your Lincoln email account with the doc or PDF file/s that you want to print attached, to  When your printing is ready to go, you'll get an email inviting you to release it. 


If you're after colour, or A3 or Colour A3 then just use the hash symbol (#) in the subject line of the message when you send it. If there's no # in the subject line, your printing will default to black & white, duplex, A4


  • Blank Subject Field (no #)  - For black & white, duplex, A4
  • #L# - Duplex (Short Edge/Landscape)
  • #c# - Colour, A4
  • #si# - Simplex
  • #s# - Stapling (upper left only)
  • #a3# - A3, Force the job to be printed on A3 size paper
  • #[2]# - Number of copies (you can choose the number of copies by changing the number in the square blanket)

Please note: Users can put multiple commands on the email subject line and then put an extra # to close the command.

Example 1: #L#

Example 2: #d#c#

Example 3: #L#c#s#[4]#a3#


If you have any text in the message field you'll probably get two emails, one saying there's junk that we're NOT printing and one saying your printing is ready to go (that's your attachments).