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Recycling toner cartridges

To recycle toner cartridges, you'll need to follow the process below to arrange the collection of full Toner Recycling Box.

  1. Ask your department or faculty administrator for your Toner Recycling Centre (TRC) account number. If they don't know what it is, contact Michael Buckley at The Linc
  2. When you fill the collection box, ring TRC on 0800 180 160 and quote your account number. They will then give you a job number, which needs to be clearly written on the full toner box.  At the same time, ask for a replacement collection box so you can operate a one out, one in policy.  If sending more than one box each box should have a separate Job Number.
  3. Please also write your department name and extant on the box for internal purposes.
  4. Take the full box to Central Stores as soon as possible for pick up by a courier. You may also go to LincWorks job requests to arrange for the porters to pick up the box and ask them to drop it off at Central Stores.

Empty boxes may be obtained from Central Store or by ringing TRC on 0800 180 160 and saying you're a Canon customer at Lincoln University and quote your account number. They will send a collection box to you.