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Where can I print?


There are printers all over campus and you can release your print job on any of them! There are six printers in the Library alone! Most computer suites have a printer inside, or just outside the suite. All printers are multifunction devices (MFD) and are set up to print on A4 and A3 paper only. There is information posted around each device explaining the benefits of SSR - swipe, select and release.

Colour printing
All printers on campus can print in colour or black & white. You can choose either the colour or the black & white queue on your computer:  FollowMeBW for black & white, and FollowMeCOL for Colour, and using SSR, change the document from colout ot black & white, staple, increase or reduce the number of copies, change form duplex to simplex and vice versa and you can even delete one or all of your print jobs without printing - funds will be returned to your prepay account automatically! 

Double-sided printing
By default all documents will print double-sided (duplex). You can change from simplex to duplex or vice versa either at the device via SSR or by selecting properties in the print dialogue box when you are selecting your printer.

Copying and scanning
Available at all printers. Just swipe your card and follow the instructions on the wall next to the printer.

A0/A1/A2 printing
The small room next to D1 in the Landscape Architecture Building contains a printer capable of printing up to A0 size. This does not use the FollowMe print queues. To use it you will need map the printer: \\v-eprp1\AAKD0134 (Lincoln PC's only).

Please note that printing costs to this printer costs are as follows (per page):  
A0 size = $26.00.   A1 size = $13.00.   A2 size = $6.50.