What is it?

LUHallsNet is a wireless network designed to provide a cost-effective service to suit the majority of residents.


How do I Register

  1. Click on LUHallsNet Registration (top right corner of page under Related Links)
  2. Enter User name (on student ID card)
  3. Enter Email address (your full LU email address, firstname.lastname@lincolnuni.ac.nz
  4. Enter First name
  5. Enter Last name
  6. Scroll down and tick I accept the Terms & Conditions (read first)
  7. Enter Security code
  8. Register account
  9. Your account details will be displayed and your PIN emailed to your student email.


How much data do I get for free?

As a student residing in the the halls you receive 200GB of data FREE each semester. If you consume all 200GB and require additional data you can purchase additional data through the Accommodation Office.


How do I connect?

You need to have completed your student registration to use the system. You can either register in advance using the Related Links Registration link on this page, or simply connect to the LUHallsNet wireless network and open a web browser. If you haven't already registered click on the Register link and create a login.
When you register you need to provide your Lincoln University email address (typically firstname.lastname@lincolnuni.ac.nz).
If you enter your mobile phone number we will send you a txt with your username and password.
Once you have registered you should only need to login once on each of up to 5 devices.

No Login page? To get to the LUHALLSNET logon page, enter resnet.lincoln.ac.nz in your browser or visit an non-https website you haven’t been to before. This “wakes up” the system. We often recommend ibm.com or hp.com as they are easy to type.
Windows 10 users: if you get a message about the Internet being disconnected, and no login box, you may have a web proxy autoconfigured. You have to get rid of this while using LUHallsNet.
To do this: press Start, type proxy and select turn automatic proxy detection on or off from the suggested options. Then when the control panel item opens, set Automatically detect settings  to  Off and close the panel. You should now be able to connect to LUHallsNet and get a login box.

If you encounter issues connecting to LUHallsNet Wifi after you have registered you may need to forget the Wifi connection and try again.  For more informaton on how to do this please click here.


How do I check how much data I've used?

Click on the LUHalsNet User Control Panel under Related Links at the top of this page, to login, check your account and change your password. You need to have already Registered to use the portal.



All users are assigned a private IP address. There is no filtering of traffic and all ports are allowed out. The LUHALLSNET network gateway does not provide any malware detection, intrusion prevention or similar firewall features. In addition it cannot provide protection between users on LUHALLSNET and you are strongly encouraged to run your own firewall on your device, along with an anti-virus product and keeping your devices patched. The LUHALLSNET wireless network is an open network – the wireless signal is NOT encrypted


Performance & Fair Use

Performance of the network is not guaranteed and there is a 4 Mb/s limit to your network connection. Your use of the network must not interfere with other's use and you must not consume a disproportionate amount of the network resources.


Acceptable Use

You must comply with University Internet usage policies and in particular must respect copyright and NZ legislation.


Help - what if I have problems?

Your first point of contact for problems with Resnet is your designated contact within Lincoln Hospitality Limited (LHL).  For residents this would normally be your Residential Assistant (RA). Please complete the Check List  and esclate via your LHL contact or directly with the LHL Accommodation Office. 

You are invited to contact the ITS Service Desk, during normal business hours, or via email ithelp@lincoln.ac.nz (include your completed checklist) once you have followed the escalation process outlined above. There is no support out of university business hours. 

Please note that the OpenCampus and SecureCampus WiFi services are available across the University campus. Please note SecureCampus should be your default WiFi when on campus and is available in all student areas including the after-hours computer suites in the landscape (SoLA) building, the Library, Te Kete Ika, the Workshop, Mrs O's and the Recreation Centre.