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Lincoln University wireless network


Free wireless access to the Internet and selected Lincoln resources is available throughout the campus.

There are two available WiFi networks.
SecureCampus – For Staff and Students
eduroam – For visiting tertiary users from participating institutions
OpenCampus – For Visitors



Lincoln University Staff and students should use this WiFi network.
When connecting for the first time you will be prompted for your LU username and password after that you will be automatically connected to this network unless you change your password or your LU user account expires.  If you change your password you will need to update this on your device.  If your device does not prompt you for a new password the simplest way to update is to forget the network and setup the connection again.

Please see the following for additional information:

How to connect to SecureCampus with Win 7 OS or Win 10 OS or Mac/Andriod/IOC

If you are experiencing any issues connecting try forgetting all the Wifi Networks (instructions below), once you have done this try connecting again.

How to Forget Secure Campus within Win 7 OS  or  Win 10 OS or MAC/Android/iOS

If you are still experiencing issues and forgetting the network has not fixed the problem please come over to the ITS Service Desk , ground floor in the Library.


eduRoam - EDUcation Roaming

For visiting tertiary users and participating institutions this is the recommended WiFi network offering a secure Wireless connection to the internet.

Your username & password for your online identity is provided to you by your ‘home’ institution – where you are enrolled in study or are employed.

Lincoln Students and Staff can connect to this network with their Lincoln PC/Learn Login credentials (username and password) or & password when visiting other institutions where eduRoam is available



Open Campus

This is an open unencrypted guest network offering a maximum 60 days internet access.
To connect to this network users need to have a mobile phone to get a SMS verification code. 

How to connect to Open Campus with Win7 or Win10 or MAC/Android/iOS



As with any network it is important to take security precautions which include ensuring:

  • You have a personal firewall switched on
  • You keep you device patched with security updates
  • Leaving the wireless connection switched off until you actually need it; - safer that way and also saves battery life
  • Taking care when opening attachments from people you don’t know and
  • Not accepting any digital certificates you may be presented with when browsing a supposedly trusted site like a bank – it could be a phishing attack or a man in the middle attack

Note that the performance of a wireless network is affected by the number of users connected to any given wireless access point and your location in relation to the access point. So if you are in the library standing in between rows of metal shelving, for example, this may affect your connection! ITS also recommends that you invest in a laptop lock and use it - especially in areas like the Library.