How to share large files - Dropbox service

IT Service Desk staff are often asked by users how to share larger files (>5 MB) with users off-campus. There are several options, including a new service:

  • Email — the old standby! This is fine for sharing large files with another on-campus user. It is not an efficient way to share files with a number of people. When sending files to non-Lincoln people email is best used for small attachments (<3 MB) because recipient systems have size limits that are hard to predict.
  • Temporary hosting on a LU website – ITS can put a file on one of our web servers. You can then send the address of the file in an email instead of sending the file as an attachment. This is a great way to share large files with a number of people.
  • File Dropbox – a new service that allows you to use a web page to drop files off for other users to pick up. The other people can be on or off-campus. You can also use it for people in other organisations to send files to you.

The Dropbox provision has been piloted, confirmed ready and has been made available for staff and post graduates to use. Go to and once you have logged on, you can send any file up to 500 MB to any email address you wish. The file gets uploaded to the server and an email link is sent to the recipient(s) to pick up when they wish (within a week).

A few points to remember:

  • Files will be deleted after seven days, whether they have been picked up or not.
  • The service is not to be used for sharing pirated files! If it gets abused, the dropbox service will be stopped.
  • Non-Lincoln University users can send files to Lincoln University users only.

For more information, read the about page on the Dropbox website.