Using Software Center

The Lincoln University Windows 10 computers provisioned for postgrad use do not have the full suite of applications available pre-installed. The logic is that for Windows 10, individuals install the software they require. This allows the installation and removal of applications to ensure you have the most appropriate version available to you. Software Center is an App Store of Lincoln University applications available and includes all the applications licenced for anyone from our university. For example this includes the statistical applications; SPSS, Minitab and Genstat, as well as applications associated with specific groups as in faculty or even department that a particular device is ‘owned’ by. For example, DNA analysis software in Bio-protection or some of the econometric applications specific to AgriCommerce.




IT add new versions of applications as they become available or as they are renewed and upgraded. IT will add applications to the Software Center when they’re purchased and the licence covers multiple use




Software Center is in the Start menu under “Microsoft System Center”, or simply search for it, open Start menu and type “Software”.

Or, if you are reading this on a Windows 10 PC, just ctrl-click here




Software Center is easy to use. Just click on the application that you’re after and, if it is not already installed, you will get an Install button. If you see an Uninstall button instead, then it is already installed on the PC. Unlike commercial app stores that you may be familiar with, there is no cost to any of the apps here.



Note that some of the applications will take a while to download and install. Some may also require a reboot of the PC before they can be used.

Happy installing. Any issues with this or any other IT issue please contact your IT Service Desk.