Welcome to Windows 10


The Start Menu

For the most part, Windows 10 looks much the same as Windows 7. The most obvious difference is the Start menu, which now includes a pane of tiles on the right-hand side where you can pin your most commonly used applications. ITS have decided to dispense with the “LU Applications” folder because the new Start menu is more clearly alphabetical. It makes more sense to find Genstat under G than to find everything under L. If you can’t find what you want by scrolling, just open the Start menu and type the name of the application you are looking for.

How do I log out?

How to log out is not immediately obvious in the new Start menu. There is an icon in the far left of the menu that looks like a stylised head shot and represents your account. Clicking this pops up a menu that allows you to Sign out, lock your machine or switch user. Also, Ctrl-Alt-Del still works to display these options.

How do I search for applications and files?

You can click on the Windows start icon  and start typing what you are looking for or click the magnifying glass icon and start typing what you are looking for.

How can I change my default web browser?

As delivered, your Windows 10 machine has Google Chrome set as the default browser, but IE 11, Firefox and Edge are also installed. To change your default web browser, if you want to, open the Start menu and search for the Default Programs app. Note that while Microsoft recommend their new browser Microsoft Edge, ITS don’t – It’s awful.


When Windows 10 needs to notify you of something, a black bar will slide in from the edge at the bottom right of the window, or wherever you have positioned the task bar. Here, for instance, is the notification indicating that you have patches that need to be installed.  


Patches now appear under the Software Center > Updates (Open the Start menu and search for Software Center). If you want to watch them install, you can do it from here by clicking on the Install button

Installing Approved Software yourself

Software Center also lists any optional software that is available for installation on your machine that you can install yourself. It is worthwhile opening Software Center occasionally to see what additional software has been added to the list.

Where can I get Help?

Please log a query on the ITS Service portal for any other questions that you might have here: lu.ac.nz/ithelp
You can also find up to date video tutorials and instructions from the Microsoft web site for Windows 10, here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-nz/products/windows?os=windows-10