How to Use the UK only Mobile Wi-Fi Router

Before you start you will need to get a prepaid voucher for 'Three' or '3' (a UK mobile company). They are available in most UK supermarkets etc. A twenty or twenty five pound voucher is recommended for most users’ needs.

  1. Turn on the MiFi by pressing and holding down the power key for two seconds.

  2. Your MiFi should automatically connect to the Three network and turn on the Wi-Fi signal. It usually takes at least a minute to connect to the network. Once you're connected, you'll see a 3 on the screen
  3. In wireless networks on your device (iPad, iPhone etc) you will see a new network broadcasting (SSID)  - it will be something like 3MobileWiFi-ab5a, try and connect to it
  4. It will ask you for a password (WiFi Key), you obtain the password by pressing the button on the device which has a “Key” symbol on it, this then shows a series of numbers, this is your password
  5. Enter the password into your device, you should then successfully connect to the network

Open up your web browser and go to http://3.home - on the screen should be My3 account - click in there and top-up the account with your voucher as per image below, you can use a credit card if you have access to a UK credit card, an NZ one will not work.






After you’ve topped-up you can start surfing the Net.


The screen shows your current connection strength, how many Wi-Fi devices are connected, the battery level, the amount of data used and the time you’ve been connected.

Power for Mi-Fi Device

You can either connect the USB cable from the UK wall plug adaptor to the device, or connect the USB cable from a USB port on your laptop/device to the Mi-Fi unit. If you have the cradle, then the USB cable can be plugged into this.


Phone: 'Three' on 08433730500 (when in the UK)
From abroad +44 7782333500