How do I use the mobile wi-fi router (Mifi)?

SIM card and battery power

  1. Insert your SIM card into the SIM card slot and check the power status of the battery.
  2. Power on the MyZone by sliding and releasing the power switch.
  3. If the Power LED is flashing red, you will need to charge the MyZone by connecting the power adaptor.
  4. Power off the device by sliding and holding the power switch until battery LED changes colour, then release (about three seconds).  


  1. We will require a charge code when you loan out the Mi-Fi. This is because overseas data is charged at $5 per day and istaken from the Lincoln University shared data pool. If an excessive amount of data is used then it will cost $14 per gigabyte. Usually using over 4GB is considered excessive use but it is also determined by the length of time away as well.