How to archive emails in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook - How to archive emails by creating a .PST file

If you want to archive only some emails:   (For example: Because your mailbox is getting full…)

  1. Click on the File tab   →   Open & Export   →   Import/Export

  2. Select Export to a file

    Select Outlook Data file (.pst)

  3. Select a folder you want to archive

  4. Click Browse

  5. In the top box, type    c:\users\yourusername    and press Enter. (For example: c:\users\patonv)

  6. Then click New folder and name the new folder:  outlook archive
  7. Drag the outlook archive folder over the the left-hand-side, under Favourites. This will make a shortcut to the outlook archive folder. Click on the shortcut.

  8. Give the file a name, and click OK.

  9. Click Finish. Then when it asks for a password, just leave it blank, and click OK.

  10. Now you will have to mount the .pst file
    Click the File tab   →   Account Settings   →   Account Settings   →   Data File   →   Add
  11. Click on outlook archive on the left-hand-side under Favourites, and choose the .pst file.

  12. Click OK, then Close. The archive file will appear in Outlook, on the left-hand-side, under your own mailbox, as Outlook Data File.

  13. Then you can drag more emails and email folders from your mailbox, into the archive file.

  14. If you want to create a new folder in the archive file, just right-click on Outlook Data File and select New Folder.


Important Note:  your archive file is not backed up!

You've just saved your archive file (.pst file) in your C drive (c:\users\yourusername\outlook archive). We did this because Microsoft does not support archiving to Network drives (ie. S and H drive).  But, your C drive is not backed up. Therefore, you will have to manually backup your archive file (.pst file):  copy it from c:\users\yourusername\outlook archive, (shortcut on left-hand-side under Favourites), to an appropriate location on the S drive, or to an external hard drive, or burn to CD/DVD.

Then if your PC dies, even though your C drive will die along with it, your archive file (.pst file) will be safely backed up.


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