Using Outlook for the first time

If you are staff or a student, you may want to use the Outlook 2016 program that is installed on your computer. To do this simply:

  1. Search for Outlook in the start menu
  2. Select Outlook 2016 and then enter your Lincoln University email address and password.

As this is the first time you are using Outlook 2016, it may take some time for it to set everything up, so please be patient.

Watch this video to view the steps needed.


If Outlook does not set up your account automatically, or you are using a different email client you can enter the following details in manually when prompted to:

For Students:

Use the information on this page if you need to use POP or IMAP to connect to your mailbox. You will most likely be using IMAP, if you don't know which to use, then use IMAP.
POP setting:
Server name:
Port: 995
Encryption method: SSL
IMAP setting:
Server name:
Port: 993
Encryption method: SSL
SMTP setting:
Server name:
Port: 587
Encryption method: SSL