Mobile phones for staff


ITS manage all telecommunication service and support including all contracts. This includes all cellular contracts paid by the University. ITS provide and support cellular phones for staff, on Vodafone contract plans. Exceptions may only be made where Vodafone’s service cover is limited. If you require a cellular handset, cellular contract or have any questions regarding the purchase of cell phones, cellular contracts, plans, concerns or a general enquiry, or your cell phone develops a fault please email 


Cell Phone Purchase

ITS makes all purchases across the University for all cell phones regardless of where the funding is coming from eg research, general cell phone funds. ITS has standard cell phones that are offered which cost effectively meets users business requirements, always having a windows and android platform cell phones available. The Current cell phones are:

• Nokia Lumia 550 - Microsoft
• Samsung Galaxy Xcover3 - Android
• Sim card on Lincoln account in a personal device

ITS, as subject matter experts, will work with you to ensure your business requirements are met.
No cell phone handset purchases, are to be made outside of ITS.
If you have any enquiries or concerns with regard to this process please outline your issue and email .


Plans / Cellular Service contracts

ITS manage all cost for telecommunications on behalf of the University and allocate plans as appropriate with an holistic, university wide approach. This involves proactive monitoring of costs which may result in service variations where appropriate throughout the life span of each account.


Placing an order

To request a new handset, new cellular contract, or any variation to either please supply the information below to  via your departmental or faculty administrator or line manager as appropriate.

User's Name:
Phone Number:
(include if wish to keep current number)
Do you want to use Lincoln sim in your own personal device? Yes/No
Phone Type: We will advise make and model at time of your enquiry as they change constantly.
Data: (additional cost per month, required if wishes to have emails on phone)
Text Plan: ($3 for 100 Text, $10 for 2500)
Charge Code Hardware:
Charge Code ongoing costs:
Global Roaming: Will the user be travelling overseas a lot?
If yes, you may wish to have global roaming enabled on the phone, this will incur additional costs depending on where staff travel to, it also requires approval from an administrator to enable.
Any Additional requirements:


Additional Data

User on Standard 500MB data plan automatically move onto casual data rates when have used 100% of their data. You will receive a text message when you have used 80% and 100% of your data plan. Please note that casual data does cost more as you pay per MB. 

All other data plans will stop working when you have used 100% of your data. You are sent a text message when have used 80% and 100%. In here it gives you instructions on purchasing additional data packages. Mobile data does not automatically continue to work until the user purchases an add on data bundle.


Global Roaming Prices


Using roaming while travelling is a great way to ensure you can keep in touch and retain your personal cell phone number but there are a number of options of reducing the costs and ensuring you remain in contact, please contact and we can help you find the best cost effect method for you.

Calling and voicemail:

Zone 1 - Australia, 20 cents/min
Zone 2 - UK, Europe, North & South America, $2.20/min
Zone 3 - Asia, Pacific & Middle East, $3.20/min
Zone 4 - Rest of the world $5.20/min

Incoming Calls: You will be charged $1 per min for calls received.

Texting: Costs 80c per text message (160 characters) for all zones.

Data is purchased by the user as required. Once used up, data will stop working, you then get the option to purchase more if required.

Zone 1 - Australia 
                  100MB - $15
                  250MB - $30
                  500MB - $50

Zone 2
- Fiji, Europe most of Asia and USA 
                  40MB - $15
                  100MB - $30
                  200MB - $50

Zone 3
- Rest of the world
                  5MB - $30
                  10MB - $50
                  25MB - $100



Please note

From 1 November 2009 it is against New Zealand law to use your cell phone in the car without the appropriate wireless technology it is also University Health and Safety Policy, Vehicle Safety Policy that you do not use your cell phone while driving.