Mobile phones

Cellular services

Information Technology Services provide and support cellular services, new numbers and account transfers on behalf of Lincoln University. Requests for cellular contract services including account transfer require a charge code to initiate the request. Requests for purchase and or repair of a mobile device are managed directly with department or faculty administration as appropriate.


New contracts are automatically included in the Lincoln University Vodafone Redshare Mobile plan. There may be exceptions based on service availability and the dependence on your working situation. There's more information available on the ITS Telecommunications Policy on the Hub.


What you get with the standard Lincoln University mobile plan *subject to change

·         Free unlimited calling and txt to anywhere in New Zealand and Australia. This applies to local and mobile numbers.

·         Free unlimited calling and txt from within Australia and to New Zealand, except you will incur an additional $5 dollar fixed charge if your phone is used from Australia. This applies to local and mobile numbers.

·         Free unlimited calling and txt from any country listed on the Vodafone Daily Roaming web site to Australia and New Zealand, except the same additional $5 dollar fixed charge applies. This applies to local and mobile numbers in NZ and AUS. If you call any local or mobile numbers that fall within the country you are visiting or to other non NZ/AUS countries then you will incur standard call charges as specified by the countries telecommunications provider. We have no control over those charges.

Your mobile data forms part of the Universities shared data pool, regardless of where you use your data. This is monitored for excessive use and is limited, so we recommend using Wifi wherever possible

If you require a cellular handset, cellular contract, need to log a fault or if you would like to raise a general enquiry, please log a request at and provide the relevant information based on your query.


Global Roaming

Global roaming and going overseas If you plan to head overseas then it’s important to take note of the following information and to make sure your Administrator, Budget Holder or Line Manager are aware of the additional charges that may apply Global roaming is enabled by default for all mobile phones that have been provisioned under the Universities Vodafone Redshare Mobile plan. You will incur an additional $5 fee per day if you use your phone anywhere outside of New Zealand, i.e. if you turn it on in another country and it connects to a telecommunications carrier then the fee applies. The countries that are currently supported for daily roaming are available on the Vodafone website, here: There are no additional data use fees but your data is coming from the Universities shared data pool so you can use it just the same as you would while in New Zealand. Note, this is for work related purposes only and is monitored for excessive use.


Placing an order for a new number

To request a new cellular contract, or variation please supply the information below as a request at via your Administrator, budget holder or Line Manager. They will be required to supply ITS with a charge code for once off and/or ongoing costs: 

User’s full name  

Do you want to use a Lincoln sim in your own personal device?

Note: Staff have the option of porting their personal mobile number for use under the Universities mobile plan but requests are dependent on ITS Telecommunication policy outlines.

We will require your personal number, provider, personal account number and alternative contact number. You will also need to give your provider pre-approval to do this in advance but any disbanding fees must be covered by you.


Charge Code for ongoing telecommunication costs:
This must be supplied from your divisional administrator or relevant budget holder.

Staff leaving the University
Staff must ensure they gain pre-approval from their Administrators if they wish to have their work number transferred over onto a personal account.
ITS can assist with arranging transfer of the number to a pre-pay account at which point exiting staff can opt to have the number transferred to another provider if they wish.

Administrators are responsible for informing ITS if a mobile phone or number is going to be used by an alternate staff member.
Any Additional requirements
Staff that have a personal mobile plan who want their account number ported over to a Lincoln Vodafone account
  • ITS do not port numbers that have outstanding contract fees so the requestor will have to ensure they cover those charges.
  • The requestor needs to go in and notify their vendor that they intend to have their number ported to Vodafone. At the same time ITS need the persons, full name and surname, their mobile number and alternate contact details. Their current plan account number and sim number.
  • The user is expected to supply a signature using the Number Portability Authorization Form, here:
What to do when your new number/sim arrives

We will make contact with you once your sim/number is ready. You can pick it up at the IT Service Desk located on the ground floor of the Library on campus. You will need to bring the mobile phone with you to the Service Desk

If you are replacing an existing mobile phone then our IT Service Desk staff will assist you with transferring over your contacts and data as part of the provisioning process. They can also provide general guidance as well as setup the phone so it can receive work emails etc.


How to Purchase/Replace/Repair a Mobile Phone

Please contact your Divisional Adminstrator who will organise the purchase of new mobile devices, repair of broken phones. Personal or departmental P-Cards are not to be used to purchase mobile phones as it is against the University purchase policy.


The guidance from finance is:  

Mobile phones are fixed assets and should follow the minor capex purchase process. If the requester is unsure of the process for Minor Capex, they should contact the Procurement Manager. 


Purchase Policy:

LU Capex Form

Priority Matrix - Minor Capex below $25k


Let them know what you will be using your mobile phone for and if there are any special requirements pertaining to your job and daily duties or anything beyond a basic mobile plan:

Do you need a good quality camera?
How much storage space do you need? 
Do you use the phone for lots of Skype for Business meetings? 
Do you tend to go overseas a lot?
Do you have a preference, i.e. iOS, Android and why? 
Large or small form factor/screen size? 
Colour preference?
Do you need a certain type of cover/case?
What applications do you tend to use or are planning to use and why?
Check to ensure OS requirements for the apps you are planning on  using, i.e. what version is required etc. IT Service Desk staff can help with  this and in some cases advise alternative applications.

Please note

From 1 November 2009 it is against New Zealand law to use your cell phone in the car without the appropriate wireless technology it is also University Health and Safety Policy, Vehicle Safety Policy that you do not use your cell phone while driving