Skype for Business

Skype for Business (SfB) has replaced the phone system for Lincoln University. SfB previously known as Lync is more than a replacement for the old handsets. It’s unifying all communication – audio calls, video calls, conference calls, live lecture streaming, instant messaging, online meetings, presence …. SfB enables audio calls to personal Skype users already and will no doubt offer more integration there in future. There’s more functionality available too like; calendar integration, call forwarding, delegates, call groups … and even recording calls! Voice messages are forwarded to your mailbox (for staff) and there are SfB clients for most smartphones and tablets too which means you have SfB on the go!

The previous Lync client should no longer be in use.

From a user perspective SfB is very similar to using Lync so if you are already familiar with Lync then using SfB should be relatively intuitive and easy to use.

SfB is installed on all staff computers by default additionally, there are also common area phones placed around campus in certain suites, near lecture theatres, labs and in some post-graduate spaces.

 The system allows you to reach a person using their name, email address or their phone number. You will be able to see if the person you are trying to reach is available to take calls and you have a choice of calling them, leaving voicemail (which also emails them) or  sending an instant message.  The system also allows for conference calling and online meeting scheduling in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook as well as presenting and sharing content with others, all from your desktop.