Adding Skype contacts to Skype for Business

Using Skype for Business you can add your Skype contacts to contact people who use Skype. Please be aware that it is preferable that the contact use the latest version of Skype and this is also stated on the developers main website. If they are using a version that is very old then communication will not work.

After you have added them as a contact they will receive a contact request and will have to accept it before their online status becomes visible.


Here's how to add a Skype contact within SFB:

  1. In the SFB client click the Add a New Contact button (just below the find someone search box) and choose Skype under the Add a Contact not in my Organization tab.


2. Enter either the Skype username in the following format, i.e. skypeuser.ids, Hotmail account, their email address or Microsoft ID  of the contact you wish to add, then click OK

(Note: if you're struggling to add a Microsoft ID Skype contact try adding their email address as <user name>(<domain name>), for example 'lincolntest(')


You can also opt to add them to a specific contacts group depending on your personal preference



3. You will be able to see the newly added contact within your contacts list BUT they will ONLY become visible or show as online once they've accepted your contact request at which point  you'll be able to make one to one audio calls, send instant messages, and view their presence.