Setting up Skype for Business

New staff

Divisional administrators are expected to request a Skype for Business account and a headset, from the following choices further down below, by contacting Please include:

  • A charge code
  • Specify the type of headset
  • The MB number of their PC
  • Does the PC have speakers?
  • Do they need a new phone number or are they taking over an existing phone number?

Choices of headset

Plantronics C310 monaural
(One ear)

Plantronics C320 bi-aural
(Both ears)

We also have replacement foam covers available if you wish to re-use a headset.

Existing staff

If you've moved to a different PC and you're missing the Skype for Business software, please email with the PCs MB number. By default the Skype for Business client will automatically run and log in when you log into your PC using your email address as the username. The headset will install automatically when you plug it into a USB port.  

Personal devices

This is a general outline for installing Skype for Business on your personal PC, smartphone or tablet and may not apply to all devices. Please bring your device to the Service Desk if you need assistance getting Skype for Business set up.

  1. Download and install the LU certificate (not required for Windows phone) 
  2. Download and install the Skype for Business client
  3. Enter your Lincoln credentials (and possibly the Skype for Business server names)

Download and install the LU certificate

The LU Certificate is available on the ITS software download web page

Click the download link next to LU Certificate (required by Skype for Business).

You may be able to browse to this page directly from your device, however you may run into some difficulty. You can also view this page from your PC, download the certificate, unzip it, and transfer it to your device either with a Dropbox like service or USB cable. Once the certificate is on the device install it as follows.

Mac devices:

Tap the certificate, then tap install or trust (on some devices)

Android devices:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Go to Personal > Security > Credential Storage > Install from storage
  3. Touch the filename of the certificate to install. Only certificates that you haven't already installed are displayed.
  4. If prompted, enter the key store password and touch OK
  5. Enter a name for the certificate and touch OK

Note: if you haven't already set a pattern, PIN, or password for your device you will be prompted to set one up. You cannot install a certificate to a unprotected android device.

Windows phones:
Not required

Windows PC:

  1. Run Internet Explorer
  2. Select Internet Options from the Tools menu, and select the Content tab
  3. Click the Certificates button
  4. Change to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities tab
  5. Here you will find an import button which you can use to select the certificate

Install the Skype for Business Client

  • The mobile Skype for Business client is available for download through the Apple App Store, Androids Google Play, and the Windows Store.
  • On Mac - TBC
  • On Windows - TBC

    Enter your Skype credentials

Each device will vary on what information is required for you to log in. In general you might need a combination of the following:

  • Username:
  • Login: lu\username
  • Password: Your network password
  • If auto-detect doesn't pick up the server try the following addresses:
    • Internal discovery address:
    • External discovery address: