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Broadband options NOT Fibre

If you have an ADSL connection from your internet service provider (ISP) then you should be OK to join live lectures irrespective of whether they’re hosted in Zoom or Teams.
However if you are also using other internet services; Facebook, Youtube, Netflik, Lightbox, Spotify etc or you have a few flatmates who are it might be problematic.
VDSL is an improvement over ADSL and certainly a step in the right direction along with having cellular data (personal hotspot) as a backup, there are quite a few alternatives to Fibre which we recommend where it’s available.
Here’s a list of some of the other ISP options where Fibre might not be available.
Scorch is Canterbury only and they offer a number of options for their terrestrial wireless broadband services These require a roof top dish and line of sight to one of their hilltop repeaters around Canterbury. This service is superior to ADSL and closer to VDSL capacity ~ 20 Mbps.
Farmside are a specialist rural ISP and offer services NZ wide. They have a range of options including; VDSL, Fibre, terrestrial (20Mbps) wireless broadband and satellite (16 Mbps) wireless broadband. Cover check here: They also offer package deals with cell contracts and options for longer term service contracts.
Vodafone partner with Farmside and as such they cover NZ. They also offer Vodafone broadband cellular services and you can check here:
Spark offer wireless cellular broadband with a number of options available -depending on bandwidth and data requirements and of course location.
2Degrees offer wireless cellular broadband with a number of options available with various bandwidth and data capability depending on your location.
There are quite a few other service providers and some bundle additional services for example Orcon also supply electricity but they stop short of rural broadband as they don’t appear to have made an investment in this area.
If you are still having technical problems that prevent you from learning online, Lincoln University is here to help troubleshoot, so please contact IT Services.
IT Services information:
  • View online resources available at or contact them Monday – Friday, 8.30am-4.30pm.
  • Log your query or problem and view frequently asked questions using the 24/7 Self Service Portal: (important to leave your contact phone/cell number)
  • Or phone: +64 3 423 0100 or free phone: 0800 10 60 10 (NZ only).