Panopto is a cloud-based video recording software application and storage platform that represents an easy way to record, live-stream, manage and share educational videos with your students as it is fully integrated with Akoraka | Learn (Moodle).  

How to get Panopto on your device

Panopto is pre-installed in all teaching spaces. If you need to use Panopto on a device that doesn't have it pre-installed, please refer to the below. For a: 

  • Lincoln Windows 10 laptop or desktop - see the Software Centre
  • Lincoln Mac computers - refer to Software Downloads
  • iPad & iPhone iOS - download from the App Store 
  • Android - download from the Google Play Store 
  • Personal computers (BYOD) - visit You will need to sign-in (top right). Once you are signed in, you will see the download option (top right). 

Our Lincoln URL is 

Sign in with your Lincoln username and password. 


For functionality/install support, please have a look at the resources on Akoraka | Learn and the LTL website, or contact Learning, Teaching and Library.  


Contact LTL if you need to know more about how to use Panopto. 

If you're having issues with Panopto not functioning, please log a job through the ITHelp Service Portal.