FollowMe printing

FollowMe printing is where you send your files to the print system and then swipe your ID at any of the linked printers to collect your documents. 

FollowMe print queues allow staff and students to print securely to any printer on campus that is linked to FollowMe printing - these are the printers that allow you to swipe your Lincoln ID card. Most of the printers on campus are hooked up to FollowMe printing including the ones in ITS managed computer suites and in the Library, as well as most departmental printers. 

How to use FollowMe printing

FollowMe print is the easiest way to print on campus, though you will need to have your ID card with you to use it. This provides a way to securely print documents as they will not print until you have swiped your card. 

  1. Select the FollowMe print queue from the print options within the item you want to print 
  2. Swipe your card at the printer you want to use.  
    • If you are a staff member, any jobs that you have sent to the FollowMe queues will print.  
    • If you're a student, you will have the opportunity to select the documents you want to print at the printers.  
  3. You can view what jobs you have waiting by double-clicking the green UniFlow icon in the system tray (you can open this by clicking on the little up arrow in the bottom black bar on your screen). This will open a web page, where you can click the "RQM Jobs" which will let you view or delete your own print jobs. 

There are two FollowMe queues, a colour one (FollowMeCOL) and a black and white one (FollowMeBW). All printers print colour and black and white, depending on which print queue you choose. 

  • FollowMeBW: If you print to this queue, you can swipe your card at any printer on campus and the document will print in black and white. 
  • FollowMeCOL: If you print to this queue, you can swipe your card at any printer on campus and the document will print in colour.  

PrintMe printing

All Lincoln staff and students can access PrintMe print services via email. 

  1. Simply send an email from your Lincoln email account with the Word or PDF file/s that you want to print attached, to  When your printing is ready to go, you will get an email inviting you to release it.  
  2. If you're after colour, or A3 or Colour A3 then just use the hash symbol (#) in the subject line of the message when you send it. If there's no # in the subject line, your printing will default to black & white, double-sided, A4
  3. Printing codes 

Subject field code 


BLANK (no #) 

Black and white, duplex, A4 


Duplex, Landscape, A4 


Colour, A4 


Simplex (single-sided) 


Stapling (left upper) 




Number of copies (you can choose the number of copies by changing the number in the square box) 

Please note: You can put multiple commands on the email subject line and then put an extra # to close the command. 

  • Example 1: #L# 
  • Example 2: #d#c# 
  • Example 3: #L#c#s#[4]#a3# 

If you have any text in the message field, you'll probably get two emails, one saying there's junk that we're NOT printing and one saying your printing is ready to go (that's your attachments). 

Printing files from OneDrive using PrintMe
  1. If you are printing files stored on OneDrive, make sure you choose to attach the file as copy to the email, if the file icon has a cloud on it, then it is a link to the file, not the file itself and won’t print. You will not get a rejection email if you try to print a link to a file. 
  2. A file with this icon won’t print as it is a link to a file on OneDrive (is a link, not the actual file): File with a small cloud indicating it is a OneDrive fileFiles with these icons will print as they are the actual files.Word file image and PDF file imageAfter the email has been processed you will be notified of the cost of the print job and your current balance via email. If you have insufficient funds in your account, you will be notified, and the print job will be deleted. You will also get an email notification if any of your files cannot be printed and/or converted.  
  3. You can then walk up to a FollowMe printer and present your card to the reader attached to the side of the device. Signing in with your card will unlock the device and release your printing if you have enough money in your account. 

Note: PrintMe may not work with graphics and images this is suitable for Word and PDF documents only. 

FollowMe Mac Set-up for Lincoln Staff

  1. Download the two printer drivers from the Software Download page. 
    • FollowmeBW-Mac (black and white printing queue) driver file name: CNR227X1.PPD.gz 
    • FollowmeCOL-Mac (colour printing queue) driver file name: CNRC317X1.PPD 
  2. Store these drivers under the shared user profile 
  3. In finder select:  
    • Go > Computer > Macintosh HD > Users > Shared 
    • Connect to Ivanti (Pulse) VPN or the wired network on campus:  
      • System Preferences > Printers and Scanners > IP (globe icon at the top) 
      • Address: v-prt-rp1 
      • Protocol: Line Printer Daemon – LDP 
      • Queue: FollowmeBW-Mac OR FollowmeCOL-Mac
      • Name: FollowmeBW-Mac OR FollowmeCOL-Mac
      • Location: leave blank 
      • Use: Other > Select appropriate print driver, see details above 
  4. Add additional printers: Repeat step 4 to add both queues. 

Please note – your Mac profile name and Lincoln username must match. If this is not the case, please advise the service desk what your Mac profile name is by logging a job in the service portal. 

Users without a valid email account

If you don’t have a valid email address linked to your UniFlow user account, you will get an email telling you that you’re unable to print, and the print job will be deleted. 

Please note: You must send an email from your or address – all other email addresses will be ignored. This means when using your own device, the DEFAULT email address must be a Lincoln email address. 

Printing FAQs