Your password is very important. It prevents other people from logging into systems using your identity and accessing, changing or even deleting your files. Your password should be something only you know. 

Passwords must be at least twelve (12) characters long. Passwords can’t contain usernames or parts of your full name that exceed two consecutive characters.

You will be supplied your initial password via your personal (non-Lincoln) email. Please change this as soon as you can. For security reasons, passwords are displayed on screen as asterisks.  

Changing your password

On Campus with Lincoln owned devices:

Press Ctrl+ Alt + Del, select "change a password" and follow the prompts. Once completed either restart or logoff & logon again using your new password.

Off Campus with Lincoln owned devices:

Check that LU-AlwaysOn-User-VPN is connected then press Ctrl + Alt + Del, select "change a password" follow the prompts. Once completed either restart or logoff & logon again using your new password.

Personal Devices:

Either employed or currently enrolled as a student at Lincoln, Please go to and select “Reset Password”.

Note: To change your password on your personal device, you need to have setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Please see here.

If you are no longer a currently registered student at Lincoln University, please contact the IT Service Desk to get your password reset.

Staff changing passwords on their laptop while remote should note that this will not change the 'cached' password on the laptop until such time as the laptop is connected to the Lincoln network again.

Do not give your password to anyone

There are safe ways to share files; e-mail or enable access to your files in OneDrive for Business. If for whatever reason someone else uses your account, perhaps you forget to logoff a shared University device, you leave your device unattended, or if someone guesses your password, YOU are still responsible for how it is used.

When does my password expire?

Your password never expires however your Lincoln network account will expire once you are no longer employed or enrolled as a student at Lincoln.


Off-campus access to resources such as Learn@Lincoln may not be operational until the start of the semester. You will be able to change your password, but you may not be able to access protected resources, such as Learn@Lincoln. The Webmail application should, however, allow you to access your Lincoln email over the web.

LUCAS password

If you forget your password and you are either employed or enrolled currently as a student at Lincoln, then please go here to change your password. If you are no longer registered student as a student at Lincoln, contact the IT Service Desk and we will reset your LUCAS password for you.  

Multiple devices

When changing your password, you'll need to update the password on your other devices to prevent your account from being locked out.  

If one device (for example a phone set up with email) has your old password saved, it may continually try to use this old password and lock your account.  

Usually, you will be prompted to update your password when it changes but here are some places to check: 

  • In Windows you can check the credential manager (search for credential in the start menu). All entries that make reference to your Lincoln username can be removed.  
  • In Mac OS the equivalent of credential manager is called Keychain Access which you can find by doing a spotlight search. Again, all entries that make reference to your Lincoln username can be removed. 

If your smartphone doesn't prompt you to update your password, you may need to go into the settings of the phone: 

  • iOS: Settings | Mail, Contacts, Calendars 
  • Android: Settings | Accounts 
  • Windows Phone: Settings | Email + accounts 
Checking saved credentials

You can check which devices you've saved your credentials on by logging into the Office 365 portal ( and checking REVIEW RECENT ACTIVITY under My Sign-ins.

To check:

  1. Click on your initials in the top right hand corner of the page
  2. Click view account

This will list the details of when and where you signed in, which will give you an indication of what device is trying to access your email.

If you continue to have lockout issues please contact the Service Desk by either going to the Self Service Portal or phone +64 3 423 0100.