If you are a staff member working from home and have an LU managed device, the best way to connect to the Lincoln network is through the AlwaysOn VPN service that provides an almost seamless change from working on campus to working remotely. 

How to install AlwaysOn VPN
If you are installing the AlwaysOn VPN, please install when connected to the campus network. If you are off campus, please contact the Service Desk for further assistance.
Open the Software Center

Press or click the Windows key (Start), type Software Center and select the Software Center to open it. 

Always on
Select Applications in the Software Center

- Once the Software Center opens select Applications from the left-hand menu. 

Select the AlwaysOn application

- Click "AlwaysOn User Based VPN 1.1". If it does not appear go here.  

Install AlwaysOn

Click on Install when that application window opens.

How to connect
Once connected, you can access your shared drives, remote to devices and view the Hub. etc while working off campus.
Open Internet Access menu

Click on the Internet Access icon bottom right hand corner in the system tray. 

Find AlwaysOn

AlwaysOn will now be in the list with the available Wi-Fi connections.

Connect to AlwaysOn

Select "LU-AlwaysOn-User-VPN" and click on Connect and tick the Connect automatically box. 


If you are unable to connect to AlwaysOn please try a restart of your device (shutdown and turn back on), if that doesn't work click here.