Device charges for staff

Item  Replacement cycle (years) Quarterly cost Annual cost  Agreed order to delivery Support via IT Service Desk Warranty periods
BYOD - Network, file & print support n/a $0 $0 n/a On site n/a
Stock standard desktop * 5 $150 $600 5 business days On site  3
Stock standard Laptop * $150  $600  5 business days  On site 
Performance Desktop + $150  $600  STA  On site 
Performance Laptop/X2/X360 + $150  $600  STA  On site 
Non standard device ++ 4 $500  $2000 STA TBA
Capex/Research grant devices ++ 4/5 $75  $300 STA  On site 
Tablet Device cost $600 < $1000 4 $150  $300  STA  TBA  1
Tablet Device cost $1000 < $2000 ++ 4 $150  $300  STA  TBA 

Device cost < $600
Cost of device only

$0 $0 STA  AA 

Stock peripherals <$100

n/a  $0  $0 1 business day STA As supplied

Stock peripherals > $100

n/a   $0  $0  1 business day STA As supplied

Non std peripherals > $100

n/a   $0  $0  STA STA As supplied

AA - As agreed. 
STA - Subject to availability. Non-standard up to and over 20 business days. 
TBA - To be arranged/agreed. 

* Users pay for any additional device as a once off up-front cost, Then incur the annual charge. Replacement devices will continue to incur the annual charge and have no additional upfront cost.

+ Users pay the cost difference based on equivalent standard device as a once off and up-front cost. Then incur the annual charge. 

++ Users pay the full cost of the device up front. Then incur the annual charge. 

  1. Approval of Faculty Admins (FA) including a charge code is required (or their delegate) prior to order/deployment of any chargeable devices, standard, performance and or non-standard. 
  2. Replacement staff take over equipment already in place where fit for purpose. 
  3. The Business unit admin support, with assistance from IT Help will spec appropriate equipment for new (additional) staff. For new additional staff the business unit will cover purchase price. 
  4. For existing staff (second device/working from home) - business unit covers purchase price along with the annual support fee. 
  5. Devices not returned at the end of their replacement cycle will incur the annual charge equivalent to Non standard devices. 
  6. Environment is fit for purpose. Network, power and office equipment is the responsibility of admin support with respective business unit. 
  7. ‘Non-standard’ tag includes non-standard operating environment devices (desktop, laptop & full tablets). 
  8. If you decide to keep a device that was replaced\purchased within a year and later decide you do not want it anymore then you are obligated to pay for it for a full 12 months irrespective of when you return it. 
  9. Laptop/2 in 1 devices - docking stations are included in the annual cost. Any other peripherals are NOT included with devices. 
  10. Cost for additional peripherals (screens) met by business unit in full, warranty support and delivery subject to availability. 

IT Service charges for external users and guests

Free Service Basic Service Premium Service


  • Open Wireless Access


  • Secure Wireless Access
  • On Campus Printing
  • Service Desk Support
  • Access Card 

$100 per year per user


  • Basic Service
  • Email account
  • Office 365
  • Lab PC access 

$300 per year per user

Free Service

An open un-encrypted FREE wireless service available across all occupied buildings as well as most open areas across the Lincoln University campus that is available for guests and visitors. This requires regular re-authentication via an active cellular service. Additionally, there are several public internet computers located across campus.  

Basic Service

IT bundled service that includes secure encrypted wireless service, prepay FollowMe guest print/copy/scan service (cost per page applies), IT Service Desk support (reasonable use limit applies), access card (additional cost if required).  

Premium Service

All the basic service features, plus: an Office 365 account including hosted email with access to over 300 public devices across the campus. For services in addition to those listed above, for example, private local network, remote access to services or post-paid print/copy please contact IT via the IT Service Portal.