You are prompted to set up Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) when you first log into your email at  

You will need a mobile phone to set up an authenticator app to verify your identity. Starting from September 15th 2023, Microsoft is removing the option to use text (SMS) or voice calling to complete your MFA.

MFA exists to ensure that when you’re working off campus, you, and your Lincoln account are still secure.

MFA app registration guide

How to set up the Microsoft Authenticator App 

  1. Before you start, on your mobile device Download & install the Microsoft Authenticator app.
  2. On a computer, sign into your Lincoln Microsoft account 

  3. When prompted for "More information required" or "Improve sign-in experience".
    Continue selecting "Next" until you reach the > "Scan the QR code page"

    Not getting prompted?

    Login to the Security info page at

    On Security info page, + Add sign-in method at the top of the page. 

    On the Add a method prompt, select Authenticator app from the list, and then select Add. continue selecting "Next" until you reach the "Scan the QR code page"

    Proceed with the steps below. 

  4. In the authenticator app on your phone, select + Add account.

  5. Choose the account type "Work or school account" and select Scan a QR code

  6. Scan the code shown on the screen in step 3

  7. Select Finish on the computer to complete the setup.

  8. The setup process is now finished, and you've done an excellent job!

    Important Reminder:
    We strongly advise having a minimum of two authentication methods.
    To do this, please refer to the "Not receiving prompts?" instructions above to access your "Security info page". 
    Then, proceed with the provided guidance to add an additional method, where you can select either "Phone" or "Email"


Example Guide for the Approval Process of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  1. Anywhere you sign in with your Lincoln email address.
  2. You can get prompted to Approve Sign-in request.
  3. To see notifications on your mobile device, ensure that your phone has mobile data or Wi-Fi enabled and that notifications are allowed for the Microsoft Authenticator app.
  4. On your mobile device, input the number supplied by your computer and choose "Yes". 

    * In certain instances, you might encounter a straightforward "Authorize" or "Decline" prompt.
  5. The approval process has been successfully completed.