The first time you connect to the Pulse VPN on a new device, you will need to map your network drives. This allows you access to all the drives you would have when working on campus at Lincoln. Once connected, your S: will be visible in Windows Explorer under "Network Location'. You will be able to see many folders, but you can only see files in folders you have rights to.
Access your PC information

Open Windows Explorer, click "this PC", then select the computer tab at the top of the window

Map a drive

Click "map network drive" on the tool bar, then using the Drive drop down menu, select the letter you want (you can choose any letter as long another user isn't already using it). Choose S if you can

Mapping drives
Type in the UNC path

You can’t (easily) browse for the drive, so you will have to type the UNC path into the 'Folder' box.  Type in \\c-fs4\LUShare

Complete the mapping

Tick the 'Connect using different credentials' option, then click 'Finish.'

Sign in

You’ll be prompted for your Lincoln University username and password. Type LU\ and then your username in the username field. Check the 'Remember my credentials' option if you want to connect automatically in the future.