Carefully read the following

This service is secured by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). It is required to have set up MFA before proceeding. For information on MFA go here. 

 Remote Labs basic use guide: 

  • Confirm through your lecturer/tutor or PG Admin that you have been added to the service. 
  • Confirm you can access Office 365 resources: Office 365
  • Choose an available desktop object from the list and connect.
  • When finished, sign off properly by clicking the person icon in the Start menu and selecting Sign off from the pop-up menu.


  • Ensure you save your work to OneDrive.
  • ITS reserves the right to disconnect connections due to overuse, idleness, or faults. Save your work!
  • This is a shared resource; do not simply disconnect, as it will leave the workstation appearing to still be in use.
  • Refrain from using this service for viewing online video-intensive entertainment or social content, such as YouTube, Learn, Facebook, etc.
Login to Remote Labs

Visit www.remotelabs.lincoln.ac.nz

You will be prompted to enter your Lincoln credentials (e.g. firstname.lastname@lincolnuni.ac.nz and password)

Important: Microsoft Authenticator (MFA) is necessary for authentication.

MFA 21 v2

After logging in you will only see your assigned connections. 

Click on the '>" to see computers you can connect to. Double clicking will load your connection.


access.lincoln.ac.nz (generic access)
AGLS - Requires permission from faculty 
COMM - Requires permission from faculty 
ESDD - Requires permission from faculty 
D1 to D5 Labs
RM2 v2
Enter Password

Once you select a device, you will be prompted once more to input your password.

This is the same password you used during the initial login.