Remotely connect to a virtual PC (Terminal Server) or campus computer with remote access enabled. For approved staff and postgrads.

The virtual computer you will be connected to is on the Lincoln Network and has access to the S: (Share directory).

NOTE: This isn't the desktop of your LU computer, but a generic one that has most things on it for most people. If you need specialist software please talk to the IT Service Desk about how you can access that remotely.


Click the search box next to the Start Menu button, and type 'Remote'


Click on the 'Windows button'.  Type 'Remote' in the 'Search programs and files' box (this will auto-complete as you type, so you usually only have to type a few letters to get the right application) 



Select 'Remote Desktop Connection' from the list.


In the 'Computer' field, type '' 


To remote your desktop (this must be setup by IT) 
type "MB• • • •" 


Click 'Show Options'  


  • After you have clicked 'Show Options'
  • Click the 'Local Resources' tab
  • Tick 'Printers' and 'Clipboard'
  • Click the 'More' button.
  • In the next box, do the following: Click the  '+'  next to 'Drives' to expand it out. 
  • Tick  C drive and any other drives if you wish 
  • Click OK




Do this step only if you have more than one monitor on your home computer.


  • Click the 'Display' tab
  • Tick  'Use all my monitors for the remote session' 

Click 'Connect' 


Enter your Lincoln University username and password. 


NB: Type LU\ in front of your username, eg. LU\bloggsj2



How to end your session

To close your session: 

At the top of your screen you will see or MB• • • • , to the right of that there will be a  "-"  symbol this minimizes the window (do this if you want to keep remote session going but want to get back to your local desktop) and puts it in the system tray, and there is also a "x" which will close your session.


Click on the Windows icon (bottom left-hand side) and click on the power icon and select disconnect.


Click your profile button and Sign Out