Troubleshooting a Pulse or AlwaysOn VPN Connection

If you experience any issues with connecting to the Pulse VPN or AlwaysOn VPN, please try a restart of your device first and if this does not fix the issue log a request in the IT Portal at and include the following information:

Information Example Where to get it
Date and time last tried    
Username you entered smithm,    
Which VPN are you using AlwaysOn

AlwaysOn: you clicked on the LU-AlwaysOn-User-VPN network connection

Pulse: All other cases

Public IP address Visit and you will see your current IP Address
Confirm your Microsoft MFA login is working Confirmed Visit and make sure you can login and see your email
Internal address (if you connect OK but something isn't working as expected)

C:\Users\bootr>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

 Host Name ……………...: MB3192
 Primary Dns Suffix........ :
 Node Type . . …………. : Hybrid
 IP Routing Enabled. ….. : No

Lots more lines

Press Windows key and start typing Command or enter Command in to the windows search box
Open the Command Prompt app

In the black command prompt window type in the following command followed by the Enter key
ipconfig  /all

note: there is a space before the “/all”
copy and paste the entire output into your call
Close the Command Prompt window

Pulse Secure client
• Windows: Right-click pulse icon in system tray and select Open Pulse Secure
MacOS: From the Finder menu click on the Pulse Icon and Open Pulse Secure
Select File | Connections | Advanced Connection Details and look for Assigned IPV4
OR if you have a Lincoln Laptop you can get the IP address from the Network Information icon | PC Network Info

Operating System version Windows 10 Pro version 1909 Windows:

Type About in the search box and click on About Your PC , scroll down to find the version info

From Apple menu choose “About This Mac”

Pulse Secure Client version  9.1.3 Right-click pulse icon in system tray, select Help|About
Who is your ISP TrustPower What company do you purchase your WiFi from
Are you using :
Fibre, ADSL, VDSL or Wireless and connect using 
Wireless or Ethernet
Fibre / wireless  
Screen capture of any error messages