Your profile page in Office 365 is a great opportunity to let others know more about you, what you're good at, and what you're working on right now. Add projects, skills, and education history to your profile to help others find you when they're looking for. Remember to keep your information up to date.

View and update your profile picture:
  1. Go to Hub and click on your name at top right-hand corner, Then click “My Microsoft 365 profile”.
  2. On your page in Delve, click the "camera icon" next to your photo.
  3. Click Upload a new photo.

  4. Choose the file you want to use, and click Open to upload.

  5. If you want to reposition the photo, click inside the circle and drag the pointer. To zoom in or out, use the slider below the photo.
  6. All done, your beautiful face will be updated within 24 hours.

     Microsoft Teams will take 24 hours to update. 
    More information to manage your profile:  View and update your profile in Delve - Microsoft Support